Welcome to the Audi b2 Resource website!


The aim of this page is provide a centralized location for as much information on the Audi b2 platform as possible. The main "feature" of this site is the decoding of the Build Stickers located in the trunk that provides engine codes, paint codes, interior codes, and option codes.



Ive uploaded my original quattro database and organized it as a "birth record" for the North American quattro's.


Ive uploaded and started to go thru the two urquattro factory introduction manuals I have and take the "two-paged" photos and combine them into one image for easier viewing. Ill be continuously updating this.


I had a request for some photos of the immaculate "KAR" urquattro, so Ive created a page for the whole dealership, and the urquattros that they sold.


I started tracking the sale prices of urquattros Please contribute, its meant to be anonymous.


I recently purchased a 1983 urquattro. Here is a history/build page on the car.


I added a Camshaft Profiles/Specs page with the help of Dan Garza. Featuring factory and Aftermarket cams!


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Added Ditzler PPG and Dupont paint codes to the "Paint Codes" section.


Added a "History" section with history of the B2 platform and some Audi motorsport info from the 1980's.


Upgraded and moved servers. I now should have ZERO downtime. I had been hosting on a "free" service before with poor reliability.


Added a "Wheel Database" section. Features pictures and specs of different wheels on b2 Audis.


Added the "Bumpers" section back.


Added a new "Ronal R8" section


Added a new "Drawings" section


I added the following Option Codes for Europe, based off a Great Britain National Sales Program brochure (C1P, G0G, H0P, J0J, L0R, M5P, 0TA, 1AC, 1C1, 1G3, 1MD, 1X1, 3AE, 3BP, 3Y0, 4F1, 4GH, 4R1, 5K1, 6A0, 6R2, 8AA, 8GD, 9EC)


I have added a page for shows, events, and gatherings. Email me your events!


I have added a page for information on BBS' RM wheels! I just love these wheels and will be updating with pics and info as I get permission.


I have added a page for PDF's that I have made for various brochures and manuals I have just received. Keep an eye on that page!


I added a small expandable list of all the "Type Codes" for urQ/Sport quattro
Also I added the following Option Codes (014, 026, 034, 110, 114, 123, 183, 193, 229, 258, 260, 376, 433, 447, 448, 449, 455, 471, 481, 541, 572, 620, 643, 704, 711, 794, 834, 946)


I added the following Paint Codes (LA5V, LY1A, LY6A, LY7T, LY9Z), Interior Codes (30, 76, 946 95, 97, GM), Options Codes (061, 062, 124, 195, 238, 272, 306, 376, 432, 517, 759, 790, 902)


I added the following Interior Codes (GE, TC, V7, VM, ZN)


I added the following Option Codes (DP3, VCY, 067, 360, 439, 446, 458, 478, 553, 714, 999)


I added a small expandable list of all the "Type Codes" for 4000/CGT, and also added "Sales Term" codes to the paint options.


If you have a current, or previous b2 that you would like to include on the list, please add it! And tell your friends! The registry is still a work in progress.


Just a simple page showing the different options of headlights in North America and Europe. Expanded content to follow!


Bookmark this page for a handy dandy reference to all your sources of information, discussion and parts over the interweb! Dont forget to submit your links to us!


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